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About us

Isolated Games is an independent video games studio located in Barcelona and founded in 2016. Our passion is to create exciting and immersive experiences that keep the player glued to the screen for hours, taking part in an epic adventure.

Although it started as a small company, the team has expanded with new talented individuals from all over Spain, which makes us really proud. Together, we work to create high-quality experiences that reflect our passion for videogames and storytelling.

Join us in our mission to bring the best possible experience for the players!

The team

Francesc Romero


Iago Silva

Creative Director

Carlos Gurpegui

Game designer

Gerard Paradís


Sabrina Purswani


Sergi Cugat


Daniel Malvido

Pixel Artist

Daniel Oliver

Pixel Artist

Alberto Hernández

Pixel Artist

Andrés Ruiz

Community Manager