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A new tavern keeper has arrived in the kingdom!

Craft, farm, build! In Travellers Rest you will have to use all the available tools to become the best tavern keeper in the kingdom. Create unique dishes and drinks to please your customers while you discover the world and its colorful characters. Take your establishment to the top in this exciting new adventure! 

Your tavern, your rules

Expand and manage your own fantasy tavern. Customize it with furniture and other decorative elements to improve your reputation. Do not stop until you have the tavern of your dreams!

Tend to your customers

Hundreds of customers are waiting to be tended to - serve them a nice mug of beer or kick them out if they get cheeky! Earn mountains of gold and become the best tavern keeper in the whole kingdom.

Create your own style

Discover new recipes and create unique dishes and drinks to please your customers. Of course, you will have to get your hands on the best products to keep them satisfied – craft hundreds of items and furniture to take your establishment to the highest level!

Discover the world

The kingdom is full of colorful characters and things to do. Take a couple of days off and explore to discover all that this kingdom has to offer – you are sure to find something useful for your tavern on your journeys!

Why are we in Early Access?

Travellers Rest started off as a passion project made by one person and has expanded into a larger team in less than a year. In that time, we have revamped the entire game’s aesthetics, and are now expanding on the core gameplay to scale up the project to what we believe it should be. We are hard at work on brining the project to you in as perfect a state as can be!