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Press Kit

Travellers Rest is a tavern management game where you’ll serve customers, brew your own beer, explore the kingdom, and much, much more. You’ll begin your adventure with a modest tavern that you can expand and customize to your liking, earning a reputation as you craft unique beers and prepare all kinds of dishes for your patrons. But, it’s not all work! In the world of Travellers Rest, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters who will aid you in your progress and offer various services.

  • Manage your tavern.
  • Brew your own beer.
  • Cook hundreds of dishes for your customers.
  • Gain prestige in the realm, unlocking new options for your tavern.
  • Customize your tavern with new furniture and items, and expand it.
  • Explore the world and meet the various NPCs who inhabit it.
  • Build your stable and feed your animals.
  • Relax by fishing and complete the fishing journal.