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The Galaxy is in danger!

Between the Stars is a space action game with RPG elements where you will live the adventures of a captain and their crew to defend the Galaxy from a new and dangerous threat. Manage your resources and fight your enemies through more than 300 text events where every decision counts.

Defend the Galaxy

Interplanetary peace is in danger and only one captain can save it. Take part in the Solar War by playing the main campaign and end the tyranny of the Children of the Sun before it is too late.

Live your own adventure

Defend the Galaxy from the ruthless Children of the Sun or explore it through more than 300 events where every decision counts - meet dozens of characters and deal with all the dangers you will encounter on your adventure!

Master your ship

Experience intense real-time battles and take on skilled enemies. Mastering your positioning and having the right equipment will give you a great advantage over your foes.

Manage your resources

Customize your captain and your ship's resources to suit your way of playing. Finding the right balance between your equipment and your crew will be crucial to be victorious. Buy, sell, create... Everything is allowed for you to keep the Galaxy safe.